How Many Packs do I need? 

If you have thin hair you will need 1-2 package of TAPE Hair , for medium 2-3 package of TAPE Hair. If you have thick hair you will need anywhere from 3-4 packages of TAPE Hair.

What is Luxury Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions?


Our Luxury Virgin Remy Human TAPE Hair extensions are the Highest Grade 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions. Virgin hair means that the hair has never been previously processed so it guarantees  long lasting extensions . Remy hair is considered to be one of  the highest grade of human hair extensions. There are a couple factors that make our hair the best . The first being the cuticles of each hair strand is kept intact, with out a cuticle your hair would be very frizzy ,weak and dull. The second is each strand of hair is kept in the same directions that it would naturally grow from the head, this ensures that the hair does not tangle or knot.  The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of desired length, it ensures that our hair is full from top to bottom, there are no shorter " filler" pieces. All these steps guarantees ultra soft, shiny, silky and tangle-free hair that lasts its whole lifetime.  Our Luxury Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions Last up to 2 years. 



Where does TAPE Hair come from?

Our goal is to provide Salon Quality Hair Extensions. There are many detailed steps to guarantee the consistent and amazing quality of TAPE Hair . First we start with sourcing the hair. We have a special department for hair sourcing that regularly travels to places where hair donors come from. India being our main source. After collecting our hair we bring it back to our factory in China. This is when we will safely sanitize the hair , WITHOUT the use of acid baths, this ensures all the cuticles are kept in tact and aligned just likes your own hair . This process allows us to call our hair vReal Human Remy Hair. We then have a Quality Control team that ensures there are no mix of bad hair or bad quality dyed hair in our finished product. They check the color, length, weight ,hand feel, and personally wash the hair to ensure their is no tangles or shedding. The product is then packaged and send to our HQ where is is inspected again for quality.  This lengthy process ensures the Best Salon Quality  Tape -In Hair extensions. 

How do you keep your hair so affordable?

We are a direct to consumer company. There is no middle man, which keeps our costs low and allows us to pass on the savings to you. 

Can I dye my hair extensions?
Yes! If you must dye your extensions, use only a semi- or demi- permanent hair color. Never lift color, only deposit it. Make sure to keep it within two shades of the hair’s original color. And always do a strand test first, so you can ensure that the results will be what you want.
How long will the hair last? 

It is very simple, the better you take care of your extensions the longer they will last. Tape Hair can last up to 2 years . An important factor in expanding the lifespan of your extensions is by deep conditioning and putting a oil ,like Argan oil on daily.

What are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape in extensions are the newest hair extension trend on the market. Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. It is the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months-and the hair is reusable! It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage